All the packaging is eco-friendly

This was something I insisted on. From the bag to the label, from the box filler to the tape. It was a challenge, but hey ho... this is in alignment with my ethos so it had to be done.

I deeply care about our environment so there was no question when it came down to packaging -there was only one way to go and that was the eco-friendly way. The challenge was to find plastic-free alternatives that were airtight to keep the granolas fresh. It made me understand why nearly everyone is using very convenient and cheap plastic that you can make as pretty as you want.

The Challenge 

Eco-friendly alternatives are rare and expensive and most aren`t capable of keeping products fresh. I am a firm believer that there is always a solution if you want it badly enough and oh boy, did I want it badly enough? After long months and countless emails and phone calls I ticked all the boxes.

All the granola packaging is fully compostable.

Did I want to quit halfway through? Of course!

Did I learn a lot and compromise on my initial design? Oh yeah! 


There are always ways to learn and improve so I will never stop doing this. The one thing I can promise is it will be good for your body and good for the Planet .



Green Fingers Family, the joint winners of the NIFDA Environmental Sustainability Award in recognition to our efforts of using environmental friendly, compostable packaging for our premium granola range.

Photo taken at at the prestigious Northern Ireland Food & Drink Award in 2022.